Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the beats from “Tighten Up” by the Black Keys. Listen to the song at home and try to hear how the drums fit in with the rest of the song. Practice slowly at first, but then try playing at the speed of the song. Also, work on the drum roll exercises that I gave you.


Practice the jazz rhythm that we worked on this week. Practice counting and playing triplets, and then take out the middle note of the triplet to get the “swing” rhythm. Then work on playing beats 2 and 4 together with your hi-hat foot.


Take a look at the new beats from the Rob Zombie song. Practice moving your feet up and down together for the open hi-hat note. Also, work on the shuffle beat and the 12/8 beat. Practice playing fills with each one.


Practice playing “Dani California” along with the recording this week. Listen for all the cues in the music for when the transitions will happen. Also, work on not speeding up during the chorus. Hold back on the syncopated snare drum notes and try to keep beats 2 and 4 locked in with the song.


Practice the triplet beats that we worked on this week. Play each one slowly at first and count out loud to make sure you have the rhythm correct. Then work on playing fills with each beat and try to always end your fills on beat 1.


Practice the new triplet rhythms that we worked on this week. Remember to always count out loud before you play and try to keep a consistent speed. Play each rhythm at least four times in a row before moving on.