Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the triplet beats that we worked on this week. Play them at a variety of different speeds (slow, medium, and fast) and focus on keeping the rhythm as even and steady as possible. Once the beats start to feel comfortable, begin improvising some drum fills with the beats. Remember that the fills need to be triplet-based just as the beats are.


Great work this week on the triplet beats! Practice them some more this week and come up with some cool fill ideas that are also triplet-based. Remember what we talked about with the ride cymbal pattern: beats 2 and 4 should be heavy while all the other notes should be played lightly. This will help a lot when you try to play the beat fast!


Keep working on the triplet exercises and beats in your binder. Try to play each one at a variety of different speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Also, practice improvising triplet-based drum fills along with each of the beats. Focus on keeping the timing steady and making the transitions between the beats and fills smooth.


Keep working on the triplet beats, particularly number 2 and 3. Practice playing each one several times in a row without stopping (not just once). Remember to count out loud while you play. It’s better to count out loud than just in your head because vocalizing the beat will help you to play it more consistently.