Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep trying to connect your notes while practicing the chromatic scale. Make sure to only breathe after every 3-4 notes, and don’t leave space in between notes just because you’re tonguing them. Focus on the high part of the scale (high A to C); make sure you are keeping your embouchure in place, and using a lot of air for these notes specifically.
  • Keep working on C, F and G major. Keep in mind the same principles as the chromatic scale (not breathing too often, connecting notes). Tongue the notes going up, and slur going down.
  • Keep working through your pieces (eg. Moon River). Remember to use the metronome to keep you in time. Try not to rush ahead; this will be made easier if you make sure you are holding each note for its full value.


  • Make sure Thomas gets a new strap, and exchanges his sax. I also told him to download an app called “Pro Metronome” to use during his practice sessions.
  • Thomas should be practicing his fingerings on the sax from C# to low D, with the metronome on 70. He should be holding each note for four beats.