Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on the first half of the new drum fill from Chameleon. Focus on keeping the rhythm of the bass drum even with the rhythm of the snare drum. Put together, they should sound like a smooth and consistent beat. Also, keep working on the main beat and practice playing it with the recording.


Spend some more time this week practicing the pre-chorus fill from Mercy. Try to make the rhythm sound very even. See how fast you can play it without losing the evenness of the rhythm. Also, practice the beat and fill from the chorus. We’ll finish the chorus next week.


Next week is out last lesson before the recital. Keep working on Ride and practice it along with the recording. Remember the crashes every time you come back to the main beat after the “oh o oh o oh” sections. Also, practice the big fill near the end of the song to make it sound as steady as possible. Don’t forget the crash after the fill too!