Keep working on the “Splitz” and other exercises on the sheet I gave you.  Have a look in Eduardo’s binder of music to see if you can play some part of a piece.  Start with naming all the notes on the page.  Practice improvising (making up) some music.  Just play with sounds on the piano and see if you can tell a kind of story with the notes.  Listen to the following Youtube video or at least part of it.  Glenn Gould is a very famous Canadian pianist.  I think you will like his style.  Glenn Gould – Goldberg 

Sherlock is sounding awesome! Good for you for all your hard work! Work on the Hanon exercise for 5-10 min each day – HANDS SEPARATELY AND TOGETHER AN OCTAVE APART. Have a look at the Clementi piece as well as the Kabalevsky in your book. Working every day for a short time on the piano will make your skills very strong.  Keep going! Have a listen to this Scott Joplin – Maple Leaf Rag.  This is a style that you could get very good at i think.  We could find some simplified versions for you to try.

 “This is Not Jingle Bells” is well in hand.  Good for you.  Practice the sight reading sheet I gave you. Work on the Hanon exercise for 5-10 min each day.  It’s important to work on making your hands and fingers stronger.  Choose a new song from the book.  Work on it slowly. Make sure that you don’t miss any notes or hesitate at all. Decide which 2 songs you’d like to play at the recital.  We will work hard on these next week.  Good work!

The new “Scars” song you brought suits you very well.  Remember to experiment with different voices in different parts of the son.  A regular sound, a soft and whispery sound, or a nasel sound. In your warm ups please work on making things nasel.  This will strengthen your tone.  You’re doing so well. :)