Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Practice the jazz exercises that we worked on this week. Play them slowly and make sure that each hand is playing the proper rhythm. Don’t forget to include the hi-hat foot on beats 2 and 4. As the coordination starts to feel more comfortable, see if you can play the exercises a little bit faster.


Review the three new beats that I gave you this week. Count out the rhythm of the bass drum and snare drum, then try playing it a few times. After you’ve got it, then add in the hi-hat. Be careful not to let the bass drum drag when you have two fast notes in a row. Work on increasing the speed of you bass drum foot. Also, be sure to keep a steady speed on the hi-hat.


Take a look at the review exercises that we worked on this week. Practice each one until it starts to feel comfortable. Then try playing them at different speeds. This is just review from last year, so it should come back quickly, but go through it slowly enough to make sure that you’re not making mistakes with rhythm.