Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Keep working on the coordination exercises that we have been doing, especially the 3 new ones that I gave you this week. Focus on keeping a steady speed with your right hand on the hi-hat, and let the snare drum and bass drum parts fit in with the hi-hat. Try to play each exercises several times in a row without stopping before moving onto the next one. Start out slow with each exercise, but once they start to feel more comfortable, try to play them faster.


Snare Drum

Try to get the first half of the snare drum solo up to performance readiness for next week and, if you have time, start looking at the second half. Also, keep working on your rudiments, particularly flams and drags as they are very important in the music that we will be playing.


Review all the major scales that we have done so far (up to 3 sharps and flats) and practice playing the arpeggios with each scale (1st, 3rd, and 5th scale degrees). Also work on the G H Green “Lesson Two” this week. Try to play each exercise at least once and work more on the ones that are hardest. Finally, keep working on the sight-reading exercises that I gave you. These are very important!


Practice the jazz beats that we worked on together. Make sure that the rhythm in your right hand has a “triplet feel.” You can help this by adding triplet fills after every 4 bars of the beat. If the triplets feel awkward, it probably means that the beat doesn’t have the right triplet feel. Also, work on playing both bass drum patterns that I showed you with the beat.