How many minutes to practice: 30 mins a day

What to practice: Great job on Starlight Jonah!! This week I want you to practice the new version of the doubles exercise!

How to practice effectively: Make sure that all of your strokes come up in the exercise, especially the doubles. The goal is to get the singles and the doubles to sound the same.

Good work this week Jonah!



How many minutes to practice: 15 a day

What to practice: This week Samson I want you to get all we have of Rock With You going at a slow speed, especially the last two measures of the pre-chorus. Here is the link to the recording.

How to practice effectively: Try to nail all of the transitions and grooves, especially the last line. Listen to the song and figure out how fast you can play it well at this point. Work out each measure, and put them together!

Great job today Samson, keep it up!!



How many minutes to practice: 30mins a day

What to practice: This week Sylvie I want you to play the beats in Lesson 11. Additionally I want you to write out the main beat to So Much to Say by Dave Matthews and play along with with the song as much as you can.

How to practice effectively: For the beats, go slowly and try to count all the 16th notes out (1e+a 2e+a 3e+a 4e+a) and just get comfortable with the coordination, the speed will come later! Write out the beats with the hi-hat on the top line, snare drume on the middle line, and bass drum on the bottom line.

Good work today Sylvie!!