Hi Team,

I will be away from January 27th to February 4th, inclusive.

You may reach Marta via Cotap, and she will be in – likely – each day, for that week, but not necessarily for the whole day, so please plan ahead if you need anything.


If you are in any kind of rush or would like your ‘cheque’ early, please have your checkouts completed by the 26th, at the latest.  If you have a student that doesn’t show up for a lesson that you end up checking out, you will need to skip checking out their following lesson.  Otherwise, cheques will be written when I return.

Also, you may have noticed that cheque was in ‘marks’ above.  We have been trying to move our accounting software, which has been a little bumpy (not unexpected).  This may mean, however, that we will do email transfers this month, rather than cheques, but I am still hoping that we will be able to write cheques by the time I leave.

If you have any questions, please get in touch as soon as possible.  Thanks!