Hi Team,

I have decided to test working the basic desk support remotely.  You may email, text, and Cotap me.  I intend to get a local Mexican SIM card with data to be able to communicate.  That being said, you should still be sure the reasons are good to get in touch.

I will:

  • try to check messages daily for cancellations, and inform you if they come up
  • send you the local number for emergencies only (although I believe you can now call using Cotap. Skype and FaceTime are also options.  My Skype handle is barnabykerekes, and you should be able to reach me via FaceTime using [email protected])
  • be on Pacific time, so please do not reach out to me before 1pm Toronto time for any reason other than emergency

I will not:

  • be available to adjust your schedule if there are gaps caused by absences
  • call your students if you are running late or delayed (don’t do that)
  • get you any last-minute subs in the event of emergency or illness ( I will cancel these if you cannot find a sub from our team to keep things simple )
  • call your students on day-of if they are late/no-show
  • be able to help with small day-to-day items

I think these are mostly common sense, but worth mentioning.

You should:

  • have your key
  • arrive the standard 10-15 minutes before lessons, plan lots of extra time on days with inclement weather
  • give me as much advance notice as possible if you feel like you are coming down with something
  • not write any SoW cards, as I will not be here to post them
  • make sure lights are turned off and doors locked if you are the last one out at the end of a teaching day (not sure? do it anyway.).

If you have any questions about this, I suggest you fire them off to me straight away.  I’ll be able to deal with them on a layover during the day, and will watch for them tomorrow and Saturday.