Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the clave rhythm along with the various right hand and foot patterns. Try each combination slowly first, and then when it feels comfortable, try playing it faster. See how fast you can go while still maintaining accuracy and consistency. Also, take a look at the latin beat with the rim clicks in the left hand.


You left you homework sheet in the waiting room at ABC after your lesson this week. If at all possible, please stop by and pick it up before your next lesson. All the homework that I assigned you is written down on that page.


Take a look at the new beat that I wrote down in your book this week. Focus on the syncopated bass drum notes that were giving you a little trouble. Practice your hi-hat and bass drum together very slowly paying close attention to when they play together and when they play separately. Also, if you get a chance, come up with a new 4-bar phrase and practice it.


Review the new rhythms that we have worked on for the past two weeks. Count the rhythm out loud before you play, but then try playing it without counting out loud. Try to play each rhythm at least 4 times in a row without stopping.