Hi Team,

There are lots of little details in this email.  Please read it thoroughly.

Our basement studio has still not been patched up.  I will keep you posted.  The kitchen will need to be used intermittently for lessons in the interim.  Please clean any dishware you use (which is what you should be doing anyway), and if you need to eat, please feel free to come downstairs to my space for that if a lesson is going on.  Avoid interrupting lessons.  My space is full of all of the materials from the studio that was flooded, so it is not very classy accommodation at the moment. Please eat in the reclining chair or the desk chair but away from the desk and the computer.

The upstairs bathroom is still not repaired, either. Both the bathroom and the leak should be patched up around the same time. Please use the downstairs bathroom for now.

Invoicing and Attendance is now completely online.

We have been running a promotion  to help build up schedules that were either patchy, or light. This has been working for the most part. Some schedules filled up nicely, while some are still a little light. The promotion runs until next week, so we still will work to fill the spaces as much as possible.  Is our priority to try and keep everyone is busy as possible. For those of you that have schedules that are still on the light side, please accept my thanks for your patience as we work to getting you to a busier place.

Some of you have met Lydia and Chiara.  Lydia will be our new part-time receptionist, and Chiara is one of our students who is doing a co-op for school.  Things for both of them are still fresh, so I encourage you to feel free to contact me if you have a concern about accuracy of information or would like to confirm any point that you may have discussed with them.

I will be away at different times in February.  Confirmed dates include 6 through 9th, and 21st through 23rd.  There may be some time in between, as well.  I will send you an updated schedule once it is available.

Teachers that use Studio 4 please note we have slightly changed the drum set up – which is intended to stay in place now.  Please do not move the electronic drum set.  If you have a  problem with the set-up, please let me know, and I will address it.

Thanks, and see you soon!