Hello Everybody!

We are now barrelling into the holiday season, and there are a number of areas that we’d like to make sure you are aware of important dates, and helpful information.


Our Fall recitals will be December 3rd at the Root Down studio at 225 Geary Ave.  The recital is open to all students, including Lawrence Park (TFS) location students.  Participation and attendance is free.

Each recitals will be roughly 45 minutes each, and we are taking sign-ups for 12:00 noon, 1pm, 2pm now.  It is OK to call in to book your spot.  We expect, as usual, for our recital to be live streamed over the internet – so you can have your loved ones watch from far away!

We like to say that recitals are mandatory for attendance, as seeing live music is a very important part of a music education.  Participation is optional, but we do encourage you to jump in!


For all locations we will be putting together our make-up schedule in late November, or early December.

If you are a new family, the way this works is that we email out the tentative schedule (usually your regular day/time) and then you need to call our office to confirm your availability.  If you do not call to let us know (even if you are not available) your teacher may show up, and you will lose your make up.  So, please watch your email in the coming weeks and call us when you receive the preliminary schedules!

Oakwood Winter Schedule

December 16 • The last day of regular teaching

December 17-23 • Make-up week

December 24-January 1 • Winter break

January 2 •  Classes & Lessons Resume

Lawrence Park (TFS) Winter Schedule

December 7 • The last day of regular teaching

December 14-20 • Make-up week

December 21-January 4 • Winter break

January 9 • Lessons Resume

Unlimited Referrals

We’d like to remind you about, and ask you to take part our referrals program.  For every family you refer, you’ll get 20% off your most expensive set of lessons until the end of June 2018.  Over 6 months that can be anywhere between $175.32-301.68 – That’s quite a bit!  (TFS families may take advantage of this for non-TFS families that register)

The families you refer to us will get 20% until the end of the school year for everyone in their family that registers.  That is great for them!

This program is unlimited within each school year.  We have families that have gotten 60% off lessons in one year before!  As you may recall, we also encourage families who take advantage of our referral program to contribute to their kids’ RESPs, and take advantage of a further 20% matched contribution from the Federal Government.  Let’s be partners in your kids’ education!

Referrals help us grow, and to keep our excellent team busy doing what they love most – teaching you!  Please consider referring someone you know to ABC before the holiday season.  All they have to do is to tell us your name, and we’ll make sure you’ll both get the 20% off. Thank you!



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