Excellent lessons today, and progress this week, (nearly) all of you!  Keep it up!!!


Much progress in ‘loosening up’ with your body and playing apparatus (P.A.) movements this past week, Briel.  Word for this week – ‘FLUIDITY’ – to keep building on that progress as you play.  Resist writing the names of the notes on the page ~ this will help your note recognition abilities.


WOW WOW WOW!!!  Now, this kind of practice during the week and attention in the lesson is what I expect and know you can do!  And, you just proved it, so no going back now, dear.  Please???  Work on keeping the tempo steady as you practice Batman this week, without stopping every two bars to figure out where your fingers go next.


Alex, I know you’re struggling to find time to practice each week, but please participate in the lessons with more focus and effort, and less playing around.  And, BTW, only boring people find things boring.  So, don’t be boring!!


Great job on ‘walking finger to finger with curved fingers’ since I last saw you!  Please continue to improvise in a way that tells an INTERESTING story, and to attempt to play each of your pieces assigned for this week as I played them in the videos your dad took.


Much progress on Medieval Fair, and H.S. for Mazurka!  Remember to take note for each day this week how much time you had to practice, and to make note of how much you actually did practice.  This way, you and I both will become aware if an hour lesson is worth the time you are able (and willing) to make it worth it for the amount you practice.