Hello Everybody!

This is to remind you that your Music Together and Rhythm Kids classes resume (or start if you are new – welcome!) on or after this Saturday, January 6th!

We’re into new and exciting music – Bells for Music Together, and Elephant for Rhythm Kids – and can hardly wait to get singing and playing!

Don’t forget to get your new Book & CD set, and to download the ‘Hello Everybody’ App for your devices!  They are chock-full of neat features, and make your music accessible anywhere!  You’ll need your CDs access code to get your music and special features – which you can use for your previous collections, as well!  For even more resources, like colouring sheets and home activities, log into the Music Together Family Music Zone with the same access code.

In other news, we are bittersweetly announcing that Lisa, our Lead Music Together Teacher, has moved out of town to a new and exciting home for her and her family.  It is a great move, very exciting for her and her family, and she hopes to soon take up the mantle of directing her own Music Together centre very soon!

We’re super excited to see you after the holidays!


Barnaby, Jennifer, Kristin