Great job with your homework assignments over holiday break! “The Rainbow”, “Yankee Doodle” and “The Windmill” all sound very good. Keep practicing “The Windmill” for next week – the ritardando and “A tempo” were very good today. Let’s see if you can make a big difference between the mf and p – I want the softer section to sound more gentle and the dynamics should help with that. We have three new pieces for next week – “Indians”, “New Position G” and “Pedal Play”. For “Indians”, the notes were very easy for you to learn but there are a lot of dynamic markings and other markings there that we have just learned (ritardando, accents, fermatas, decrescendo). The challenge in this piece is to follow all of these markings, as they will make the piece sound more interesting. Keep doing the pedaling that we did for “Pedal Play” (1-2, 1-change) – the notes are also very easy in this piece, so focus on getting comfortable with using the pedal.