Grade 3

What we did this week:

We completed the May Song and we learned the two octave A minor melodic scale and A minor arpeggio.

What did we listen to or watch, that you can watch at home?

We listened and sang along to musical examples of minor melodic and minor harmonic scales.

What work is to be done this weekend:

Please work through all of May Song and emphasize your practice time on all technical requirements: A major and minor scales two octaves and A major and minor arpeggio two octaves.

What are we doing next week:

Next week is review week where we will be going over all of the material for test week. We will be running through this material with the piano.

How much time should your student be practicing each day?

30 minutes of practice focusing on all material required for review week is encouraged.

How can you help your child?

We recommend that instruments go home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next 2 weeks, and that parents increase focus at this point.  If you have not been bringing your instrument home on weekends, this is your home-stretch warning for improving your playing



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