Grade 3

What we did this week:

We introduced May Song and learned the A section. We learned about the dotted quarter note and eighth note rhythm that is found in the song.  Due to lack of  Suzuki Supplemental sheets that were to be printed out and brought to class we could not continue learning Frere Jacques. Hopefully by next week we can begin learning Frere Jacques.

What did we listen to or watch, that you can watch at home?

We listened to a live example of the May Song as played by our violin teacher.

What work is to be done this weekend:

Please work on the intonation and changing finger patterns for May Song. Please review dotted quarter note and eighth note rhythm found in the May Song. Please download and print off Frere Jacques so we can begin in for next week.

What are we doing next week?

Due to the lack of sheet music we will have to repeat Week 1-2 with Frere Jacques sheet music.

How much time should your student be practicing each day?

Try for one full 30 minute practice session. If concentration does wane take a break. Try to run through all material learned so far to summarize all concepts covered.

How can you help your child?

You can sing through the May Song with your child. If you wish you can play through these songs with the piano or any other instrument you may have. Please ensure your child has their own copy of the Suzuki Violin Book 1 at this point. Please print off the PDF and Homework Helper from the ABC website. Homework helpers are due each Tuesday.




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