Grade 1:

What we did this week:

Due to lack of PDF music sheets that were to be downloaded and printed off  by the class we could not continue with learning Mary Had a Little Lamb. We did work on the G major scale and G major arpeggio. I hope to continue working on Mary if we have more students with the Suzuki Supplemental PDF.

What work is to be done this weekend:

Please download and print Mary Had a Little Lamb. We are several lessons behind as a result of not having the necessary music that can be found at Please perfect the G major scale and arpeggio with metronome.

What are we doing next week?

We will hopefully be able to run through and perfect Mary Had a Little Lamb. We will also be introducing Lightly Row from Suzuki Book One.

How much time should your student be practicing each day?

A flexible 20 minutes.  Gauge your child’s energy, and do more if possible, or have a small break in between shorter sessions. Please download and complete homework helper from ABC website to track your child’s progress. Homework helpers are due each Tuesday.

How can you help your child?

Longer practice means longer focus is needed.  ??Take a break, or have multiple short sessions in one day.??It is critical that focus be of quality while playing, or the work won’t stick.?? Please secure all necessary music and missing equipment as soon as possible.