Hi Team,

Please let me know by the end of Sunday if you are NOT available from March 14th-20th for Make-ups.  Otherwise, I will book them for you beginning next week, and confirming them as quickly as possible.

In other, more general news, I am pleased to say that January and February have been very busy for us.  It has allowed us to narrow a gap financially, that was a bit of a concern, and at this point we are only 9-10% down from last year.  While we are down overall, this is actually good news, as one of our contracts was essentially, if temporarily halved this school year, so we are somewhat caught up to that loss now.

Please remember that the General Meeting is pushed to Sunday, April 3, due to Easter.

You should also now be setting recital goals for your students.  The recital is on May 15th, a scant 9 weeks away (not including March Break)!  Mention it often, to parents and students alike.

How to Say Goodbye to a Student

I want to tip my hat to Hannah, who did this excellent post for a student that is stopping lessons:


Thank you for the lovely gifts! It was my pleasure to teach Milena the past 2 years and she’s learned a lot about how to make music! Good luck for the remainder of the school year. If you’re interested, check out www.medici.tv for classical concerts streamed online. The TSO also does concerts for young people: http://www.tsoundcheck.ca/zh/concerts-and-tickets/2015-2016-Season/Subscription-Series/Young-Peoples-Concerts.aspx so feel free to check these out when you have time.

This is an excellent and additional way in which you can use your posting system.  Obviously we don’t want to be saying goodbye to students, but when we do with this kind of class, and point them towards a continued musical experience…well, we couldn’t look better.  This is the a beautiful example of a small touch that is the icing on customer experience.  The fact that it is at the end of a student’s experience with us is all the more important and remarkable – Well done, Hannah!


I’ve delayed the decorations downstairs to get sound treatment in first.  This has proven challenging, but I have a meeting about it tomorrow.  I’ll update you again.  In the meantime, the 3rd room downstairs is now usable, so if you are not teaching drums, please use one of the other two spaces when there are two of you there, so you can have less sound disturbance.  Thanks!  A more concrete schedule will be made up once the soundproofing is squared away.

SoW Cards

There are still not enough of these being done, or with consistency.


Keyboards and Amps are still not being turned off at end of day.



There are a number of other areas to update you on, but I will do that next time.