Hi all!  Hope you had a wonderful week.

Mia:  We’re polishing Christopher Columbus, and working on two new pieces in a new time signature – 3/4! There are three beats in every bar, and with the new time signature, we got a new note value – dotted half notes.  Remember, the dot BESIDE a note adds half of the note’s original value, making dotted half notes worth three beats!  You’re also working on music theory, page 15.  20 minutes a day.

Andre:  We worked on a physical warmup, and will continue to add more physical activities until you have a large enough stable of stretches etc. that you can choose your own adventure!   We worked on our first vocal warm up – tongue trills.  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pywjbDyy2bgw_ecA2qwZ0iSv27ktx56m

Use the resource to help you practice this and your piece, Once I Loved:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FtT99-Pc3B3oknuMFfIeQt2ZsyQctt4d

Paula:  We worked on a sitting physical warm up this week, and the vocal exercises lip trills and [mi me ma mo mu]. Keep working on these to achieve comfort with the mechanics of both.  On Let it Go, we’re working up to bar 82.

Olivia:  Better work this week.  We’re going to back up from hung-ah to hiss-ah, and make sure to engage belly during singing.  I Know It’s Today, you’re going to learn to the end.  Watch for diphthongs, final consonants and that you’re not adding sounds where they don’t belong (no s in candlelight).  Use the backing track resource to help you learn to the end of the song.  20 – 25 minutes a day.

Arjean:  Working on keeping your chest and shoulders out of the breathing action, and letting the work be done in your belly.  Lip trills and [mi me ma mo mu] warmup to practice your breathing coordination.  My Funny Valentine – learn to the end of the piece.  This week you’re going to find and circle every diphthong in the piece, and next week we’ll make sure to identify what vowel we’re singing through those.  20 minutes a day.