Hi all!  Lovely to see you again this week!

NEW LINK:  Resources for your lessons can be found here:


I will slowly be migrating all the Dropbox files to this location.

Mia:  You’re working on Christopher Columbus, feeling confident throughout the piece and eliminating any stumbles.  You’re also working on the difference between slurs and ties.  You have a slurs and ties worksheet to complete, and slurs are featured in Wishing Well, and both slurs and ties appear in Balloons.  You’re working on those two tunes at quarter note = 60 to incorporate the new technique of slurs and not releasing the first note until you’ve played the second note – play-release, play-release.  20 minutes a day practice.

Andre:  You’re working on new warmup Consonant onset.  We’re focusing on singing through on one breath, and taking silent breaths through your mouth.  You will apply these same concepts to Once I Loved.  You are going to learn the second half of this piece this week.  Recording resource is here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-Ie3xcfiaa40T6PLYXlfg-WVNK2gDAoe

Paula:  You’re working on rhythmic accuracy in Let It Go.  Copy can be purchased (with piano accompaniment) at www.sheetmusic.com.  Look for piano/vocal/guitar copy.

Olivia:  Excellent progress this week!  Keep working to make real character changes between Young Fiona, Teen Fiona and Adult Fiona. Keep engaged at “the waiting, the waiting”, make sure that your breath mechanism is fully engaged here!  Avoid vocal fry on words that begin with a vowel.  20 minutes a day practice.

Arjean:  Keep working to keep your breath low and phonation engaged through your belly.  We’ll start a new piece next week – True Colours.  Listen to both the Cyndi Lauper version for the storytelling and the Cadence version for excellent singing modelling.  20 minutes a day practice.