Excellent lessons today, folks.  You all really made progress in your musical understanding since last week!


KUDOS!!!  For deciding which musical path you want to follow going forward!  And, for seriously practicing this past week.  Keep it up.  Barnaby and I will start to brainstorm ideas on how to best serve your musical and pianistic development with your ‘jazz yen’ in mind.


Despite you’re inability to practice this week, you had another great lesson, and the technical principles of the L.H. in first position have continued to cement.  Can’t wait to meet your new cello next week!


CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS, please!!  Though we don’t play all of the time on our fingertips, as pianists, we need to be able to MOST OF THE TIME.  Practice your scales, watching the video of me playing them, then try to replicate.  Use GOOD PRACTICE HABITS when you do practice!