Hi all!  Lovely to see you this week!

Michelle:  You’re working on technical exercise I Sigh to Sing.  Keep working at singing entire exercise on one continuous breath.  Don’t let the consonants interrupt the flow of breath, and keep the belly engaged throughout singing.  On But Not For Me, you are working towards feeling comfortable singing the refrain with a backing track, and perhaps paraphrasing the melody and/or rhythm.  You’re also beginning a new piece – My Funny Valentine.  The lead sheet is found in your Dropbox folder in the Standards Real Book.  25 minutes practice daily.

Nila:  Your first assignment is to watch Annie (1982) on Netflix!  Perfect for your weekend relaxation.  You’re going to begin learning Maybe from this musical, and the music for this can be found in both the Dropbox and the Google Drive folders.  You’re also working on writing the counts in on page 8 of your Full Voice Workbook.  Quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes and whole notes are included.  15 minutes practice daily.

Estelle:  You were missed today!  See you next week!

Danica: It was lovely to meet you today!  You are just starting out, so your first exercises this week will involve finger coordination!  You’ll work on OKs, blooming fingers, table taps and 2 key 3 key alternating up and down the piano.  You should pick up the Alfred Basic Prep Course Lesson Book A, and the Alfred Basic Prep Course Theory Book A, and the Alfred Basic Prep Course Notespeller Book A!  This will be a great start! 10 minutes practice daily.

Reminder that there are no lessons on February 8th (in two weeks) for parent/teacher conferences at the school!

Have a great week, see you on Thursday, February 1st!