Hi all!  Hope you had a lovely and refreshing break!

Reminder that the recital is coming up soon – April 29th!  I would encourage you all to sign up to sing/play at the recital.  I will be there all day, so sign up for any slot that works for your schedule!

Michelle:  We’re working on My Funny Valentine – this week adding the rubato verse.  Watch for the last phrase – this is higher than you think it is!  Make sure it stays major!  20 minutes a day practice.

Nila:  You’re using the online resources in your drive folder to practice the Full Voice exercises on page 14 – major scale with solfege syllables and hand signs ascending, descending, and ascending and descending together.  Next week we will start Tomorrow from Annie!  15 minutes a day practice.

Estelle:  You’re working on Rain, Rain, the Treble Staff and Happy Song this week in piano.  You’re going to use a metronome set to 60 to maintain a steady beat, and also sing your note names while you play!  In your theory book, you’re working on completing pages 7 and 9 – 11.  20 minutes a day practice.

Hannah:  You’re working on Merrily, O’er the deep blue sea (two halves of the same piece) and Handbells part 1 and 2.  When you’re practicing, you should focus on: ok fingers (fingertips on the keyboard), relaxed wrists, and holding down the keys for half notes (2 beats) and whole notes (4 beats).  Handbells also introduces piano (soft) and forte (loud).  10 minutes a day practice.