Hi all!  Lovely afternoon of music at ABC!

Mia and Kayla – you were missed!  See you next week!

Andre:  You’re going to continue to work on O Bebado, using the Joao Bosco recording at a note learning tool.  Listen to the Maria Rita and Elis Regina versions as well to increase your musical vocabulary, and feel free to steal some of their melodic modifications.  In technique, keep working on Sirens and Sighs to work that upper register!


Paula:  Keep working on taking a silent breath in your technique exercises like Lip trills.  You’re working on Footloose, verses 1 and 2.  Be aware of some pronunciation elements:  card and hard have a voiced [d] at the end.  Ain’t and eight don’t have an [h] sound before them, but holding does!  Off and of – off is unvoiced, of is voiced.  You’re – make sure you are singing this as one syllable!

Olivia: Hung-ah exercise – make sure that you are being very accurate with the top note.  We’re going to leave I Know It’s Today, and you need to provide the next selection.  Make sure you find something with piano/vocal music written out, even if it’s only the melody with chord symbols.  No lyrics sheets!  You’re also working on your Full voice workbook and feeling comfortable with the Curwen hand signs.  Aim for accuracy!  25 minutes a day.


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