Hi everyone,

Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Great work so far on the beat from “Paradise” by Coldplay. Keep working on it this week and practice the transitions in the song when the beat drops out and then comes back in again. Remember to add a crash at the beginning of each chorus (and in the middle of the chorus too if you want). Also, work on the build up section coming out of the bridge just before the last chorus.


Practice the three drum beats that we worked on this week. Be sure to count each note on the page and place the snare drum and bass drum notes in the right places. Focus on keeping a steady speed and a really even rhythm on the hi-hat. Don’t go too fast! It is important to practice things slowly when you are first learning them to make sure you are doing them accurately.


Practice the rock beat in “Hey Jude” as well as the bass-bass-snare rhythm in “We Will Rock You.” Try to play along with the recordings on Youtube if you are able to. Listen for where the beat is in the song and try to match that. Also, focus on not speeding up or slowing down as you play.