Hi all,

Great lessons this week again!  Well done, everyone!


You’re working on three new tunes this week.  Keep up the excellent progress!

Our Clever Pup and The Joke’s on Us add one more finger on each hand, using four each in total.  The Ski Lift uses all five fingers in Middle C position!  New concepts are mf – mezzo forte = medium loud, and 4/4 time, where every bar or measure has four beats in it.  You also have two additional theory pages to work on time signature and note values! 15 – 20 minutes a day.


This will be our last lesson for a while.  I’m sorry to see you go, you have been a delight to teach!  In the meantime, as you are preparing for the recital, you have a couple of new pages of Theory to work on in your Full Voice Workbook, and I’ve just uploaded the accompaniment part for Lavender’s Blue to the Dropbox folder for you.  Enjoy!

Vivian and Daniel:

You’re working on block chords (where all notes sound at the same time), using the same fingerings as the broken chords we already know.  C major, G major, F major and A minor.  You’re also working on familiarizing yourselves with the note names on the lines in the Treble clef – E G B D F from bottom to top.  We’re on our way! 15 – 20 minutes a day.


New piece this week!  Do Re Mi – starting with the introduction.  Use the resources we recorded to learn the notes.


Working on a consistent practice pattern.  Use the resources to make improvements with your technical exercises so we can move forward.  On Castle on a Cloud – work towards making final consonants heard, not placing too much emphasis on the ‘pl’ in place, and having clean articulation on repeated notes – no extra sounds in between!


Breathing is the name of the game!  This week working on soft belly inhalation and firm belly exhalation with the hissing exercise.  Try it three or four times in a row, and then take a break and do something else so you don’t fall over!  Also, starting the first eight bars of Imagine.

Have a great week, everyone!