Excellent lesson today, both of you!!  Now, practice the way at home like we practiced, and you’ll be off to the races!!


Great insights for both you and me (about you), today.  Remember to make sure your bow is straight for each string you cross, and to keep the L.H. (left hand) P.A. (playing apparatus) in a curve-like formation (an arch) at all times up until fourth position.  For first position L.H., practice 1. pizz, then 2. arco.


Thanks Mom for filling me in on where Olivia is at and her (lack of) practice.  Hopefully today clarified what I am asking her to do, as well.  Olivia, remember that in order to play ‘rubato’ (playing with the tempo) correctly, you must still follow CORRECT RHYTHM, no matter how slow or fast you speed up the tempo.  And, remember to play with your ENTIRE body (movement), not just your arms and hands/fingers.