Practice “Silent Night”, as much as you can remember! The first part (silent night, holy night) is: fourth string (open), fourth string second fret, fourth string (open), and fifth string second fret.
Also practice the two chords: A major, and E major.
Have a great holiday and I’ll see you back on January 9th!

Practice “Carol of the Bells”. Focus on the first page, and if you have time, try the second page, hands separately. Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you on January 9th!

Practice singing “When I was your man” along with the recording. Also practice playing the chords while singing. We will go through it again at next week’s make-up lesson, and we’ll look at “Fight Song.” It’s really coming together! :)

Practice playing “Impossible” along with the Youtube video (0.5 speed). You did a great job learning the first two verses! We will continue working on it when I see you again on January 9th! We will also choose 1 more piece to start working on for the recital in May.

Practice “Let It Snow” hands together; break it up bar by bar, and repeat each bar several times before moving putting them together. Also continue practicing all the scales, hands together, 1 octave.
Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you on January 9th!

Continue singing “Christmas Waltz” and “Blue Skies” over the holidays. Listen to the Doris Day version of “Blue Skies” and try to imitate her improvising (when she changes the melody). Do warm-ups often to keep your voice in good shape. Have a lovely holiday and I’ll see you on January 3rd!



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