Continue singing “Santa Tell Me” over the holidays – try to record yourself while singing along with the karaoke track on YouTube. Work on the pronunciation of certain words in Verses 2 & 3. Also work on the build-up in the bridge, singing strong with lots of breath support.
Try to do warm-ups often (every other day) to keep your voice in good condition.
Have a lovely holiday and I’ll see you back on January 3rd!

Practice note identification. You can color in the rest of the notes on the sheet I gave you :) We will continue singing Christmas songs and improvising next week in our makeup lesson. I will give you some more worksheets to take home with you over the holidays. It was so nice to see you smiling while you were playing today!

Practice singing “D.R.E.A.M”: work on the fast parts of the chorus. Also work on the “oooh” in the chorus. Listen to “Love Story” by Taylor Swift to get used to how she bends her words and creates different phrases. We will keep practicing both songs in our makeup lesson next week and do some more warm-ups. Wonderful singing!

Practice “Bored” by Billie Eilish – focus on the verses. Although the verses are quick, try to pronounce each word clearly. Also, work on the outro! Listen to the recording several times and imitate what you hear. It is sounding really beautiful! We will sing through all 3 Billie Eilish songs next week in our makeup lesson.

Practice your scales (C major, G major) with broken and solid chords. Practice “Silent Night” (new version) and “Fur Elise” both pages, hands separately. If you have time, try hands together for page 1. We will continue working on both next week in our makeup lesson. You are making great progress, keep it up!



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