Hello Everybody!

Please take note of the Easter Weekend Schedule, most importantly that our statutory holiday is at ABC is observed on Good Friday only.  We would really appreciate if you would confirm your lessons when you receive your alerts this weekend.  Some of our teachers were left hanging here for hours without students over the last long weekend, which isn’t kind to them.  Thank you!

There is music lesson and Music Together information below.  Please read carefully to make sure you get your news.


  • NO: Music Together, Rock Band
  • YES: Music Lessons


  • NO: Music Together
  • YES: Music Lessons


  • NO: Music Together
  • YES: Music Lessons

Music Together

We have new music!  The Tambourine collection is in, and we are looking forward to getting rolling with some great new tunes.  The start/end dates for your next collection are:

  • Saturdays:  April 2nd
  • Sundays:  April 3rd
  • Mondays:  April 4
  • Tuesdays (pending re-registration): May 3

Remember – there are no classes on the Victoria Day weekend (21-23 May, inclusive).

Looking Ahead

The recital will be held on Sunday, May 15th.  Timings will be confirmed shortly.  The Rock Band will perform.  Fall registration will open this day, and our instant-re-registration will be available starting then.

Rock Band “tour” dates are forthcoming, but we expect them to be intensely clustered around the end of May and early June.  Some of these will require early departure from your child’s regular school day.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

The next holiday weekend is Victoria Day, and we will be closed on Monday, May 23rd.

The final make-up week of the school year will run from June 24th – 30th, inclusive.  If you do not take advantage of your make-ups at this time, they will expire.  Make-ups do not carry forward past the end of the school year.


We’re just a phone call away at 416-651-7529!