Excellent focus in the lessons, today, folks!   Remember, the key to practicing is making sure you FIND THE TIME to practice!  For example, instead of every time you have free time at home, instead of using that whole time to play a video game, use part of that time to practice the piano!  Once you get into a routine of practicing, you will not be able to take your fingers away from the piano!


See above, my good friend!  You have more time than you think, I am sure.   And, remember to FEEL the rhythm of the piece you’re playing at ALL TIMES!


Always the utmost pleasure teaching you, dear.  I wish your lessons were longer!  Keep your great practice habits up!


Almost have two pieces down!  Remember, the key to making a piece come off as a success is by being able to play the piece, correctly, from beginning to its end without stopping.  Practice the challenging sections in SLOW MOTION in order to perfect them.


Don’t lose the L.H. sheet of your song!  And, PRACTICE it, dear!  If you master this song, and perform it in public, you will WOW your friends and family.  I promise you!