Hi Team,

Our general meeting was 1 week ago.  Use this checklist to stay on top of what we are up to, and what is important in the immediate future.

This year’s effort on CX will continue with Systems Compliance over the coming year, making what we have in place and do in general as excellent as possible.

Have You?

    1. Gotten your compliance together and posted Homework and done SoW Cards each teaching day this week?  Remember, if you are not doing or interested in these things, please indicate that you are not available for Fall Teaching.
    2. Please complete the Fall Teaching Availability now.
    3. Logged back into Cotap, which is back up and running?  Remember the email format to use is [email protected], and that you will need to call me as you do it, so I can give you the log-in code.
    4. Read through your Ops Manual as requested?  Please review everything and be sure you understand the new section on Pregnancy, especially if you are a Male teacher, as this applies to everyone equally.  Generally there are too many slips on information in the manual.
    5. Made your Annual Review Appointment yet?  Dates are May 1, 2, 3, 5.  Don’t leave this for later, call me now.  Didn’t do the self-evaluation?  You are still expected for a review.
  1. Started/Completed your student reporting for the spring?  They are due Friday, April 15th.
  2. Made a note of the spring recital date? (Times still forthcoming)
  3. Put the fall meeting in your calendar?  (September 25, 2016)
  4. Made a basic note of the dates from now through September?
  5. Paid a greater and more consistent attention to studio cleanliness (Shoes off, no food/drink in studios
    [back to the kitchen they go], electrical off when you go, etc.)?

Thank you very much for your efforts on the above.


Call me with any questions you have.