Hello Leo’s students!

Welcome to this first homework post, which we hope will come more regularly on an ongoing basis.  We’ve been rolling this out this year, and while this one comes via Barnaby (hello!), Leo should be sending them shortly and regularly!  If you have any questions, you can let us know!




Practice Yankee Doodle at the book, remember to keep the correct fingering for the left hand and on the right hand she should alternate index and middle fingers, leaning them on the upper strings. She should also keep on practicing C and G chords, but now – if possible – building the chords by memory and not referring to the charts. She can be supervised by Mom or Dad for the correct finger positions. She should also strum four patterns per chords.


Practice “Highway”, the whole song. His main focuses should be the chord changes, which strings should be ‘blocked’ in each one of the chords (strings to be blocked are marked as X at the chords) , and what are the lowest string to be played in each chord (the bass to the chord, marked with a circle).


Play “Day Tripper”, the whole song. The main focus should be the fingering on the riff and especially on the last four measures – the same riff but in B. That particular part can only be played with the proper fingering, since it doesn’t follow the open string pattern of the ones in E or A. He should also follow the song structure as it’s written. If necessary, he should refer to the recording online. For this option, please make sure it is the studio version.


Practice the first part to “Greensleeves”, the first eight measures. He should focus on the left hand fingering. It’s the most efficient way to play this song. He should also practice “Layla”, the whole song: making sure the parts are well connected, the Intro/Chorus rhythm is right and that the “swing” fell is added. Please pay attention to the song structure as well.


Practice “Mood for a day”. The main focus now is going to be between bars 20 and 43. The suggested fingering should be followed throughout the whole piece. Since this is a challenging song by itself, this is the only way it can be played efficiently. For a change, he should also think about a song he wants to learn in the upcoming lessons.


Practice “Time is on my side” and “Grand finale” at the book. Main focuses are the rhythm, reviewing all the notes on the six strings of the guitar, with their respective fingering; and the pentatonic minor scale (“Grand Finale”).


You should practice “Nobody knows when you’re down and out”, the whole song, at the EC Songbook. Also review the concepts approached throughout the song: secondary/independent dominants, syncopation and expanded blues structures. Please bring the mentioned songbook and any other one you intend to work with for the next lesson.



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