Hi Team,

A few updates for you.


They are ready and in your box.  We noticed with Heather recently that there was a discrepancy in hers, so please take the time to check yours over.  I stopped printing the slips to save paper, but I am happy to email you a PDF upon request each month.  Just shoot me an email.  A summary slip will be emailed to everyone at the end of the calendar year for accounting purposes.  I will also try to figure out how to get the lesson counts on the cheque stub (assuming the software is capable of it).

Homework Posts, Checkouts

If you have any questions about logging in for your posts, or are having technical difficulty, please let me know.

These checkouts are now live in the system.  They look like lessons for me (Barn), which was the simplest, quickest way to get them going.  They are likely positioned at odd times, far away from your other lesson times, to avoid confusion with your regular teaching blocks, and to make sure you don’t accidentally come in for that time.  If you have any questions or problems with these, please let me know.

Bobby did a really excellent posting this week, which I recommend as a model, if you are unsure of what to write.

All other commitments that we made in our last note about this have now been fulfilled.

Parent-Teacher Week

Our first parent-teacher week will be during the last regular week of lessons before winter holidays.  Subsequent parent-teacher week dates are to be determined, but they will likely be in the weeks before spring break, and before summer break

Since this the first time doing this, we’ll develop some basic guidance on it in the coming weeks.

Reporting around the corner, recital to follow

Reporting begins the 15th of November, and is due by 11:59:59 p.m. on November 21st.  Please begin assembling your notes now.  The recital follows quickly, on the 6th.  Please start to get your students in the recital mind-set now.  Registration forms will be made available in the third week of November.

Our new messaging about the recital to parents and students is that attendance is mandatory (from an educational standpoint) and participation is optional.  Learning to watch live music and to be an audience member is very much part of our mission, so please take the time to emphasize the importance of attending for those of your students that will not be playing.

Barn away

I’m going to be away 24 November to 2 December, inclusive.  I will leave you a point of contact for Mike while I am away.  We should also be able to complete cheques on time, even though I will be away.  I will update you on that specifically once the details are sorted.


More soon!