Good focusing in todays lesson. Remember to play lightly with your right hand for now, especially your thumb. You are aiming for an even rhythm when playing the patterns.

Your chord patterns are Am to E repeated several times, and G to C also repeated several times.


You did a good job playing in the lesson today. Remember to follow the music and move your finger to the new shape when the chord changes from C to G7. There is also a new chord we learned: G.


Great job practicing getting ready for todays lesson. I would like you to continue playing melodies with a pick and strumming with your first and second fingers. It doesn’t mean we are going to forget all about your thumb, you just need to work a little harder on the other techniques.


You are going to do well on your test. Remember my suggestion when you have to reach a note on the 5th fret with your pinky: Left hand position – fingers perpendicular to the fretboard. Only the thumb in the back and fingertips in the front should be touching. It’s new for you so its important to practice putting your hand into that position some of the time.


New song: Halsey – New Americana. Capo 3rd. Pay close attention to the strum pattern where do the upstrokes and downstrokes happen, and whether you should emphasize more the lower or higher strings. I notated that on the chord sheet for the song.


Getting better every week. Chord change for Blues – Last 4 bars especially, keep working on playing without stopping the rhythm – getting from G to D7, slide the 3rd finger down to the 2nd fret and add the other fingers as soon as you can, but keep strumming as you do it, even if it sounds funny.