In case you didn’t get our previous message, we are testing a new online chatting system for you to reach your teacher during the week, when you are not here.

Over our 15 years of operations, parents and students have often wanted a way to be able to ask questions of their teacher during the week. Since we keep teacher phone and email information private, this has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out, but we think we now have the solution.

Even if you don’t have a question for your teacher right now, we’d like you to try this out and say hello. This way we can see if it is working from the parent end of things, and to get some feedback from you.

Please visit your teacher’s page and say hello today.

If you have any feedback whatsoever, please call us in the office at 416-651-7529. We are monitoring the chats, so you can also put the information there.

Your help and feedback is greatly appreciated!