• Sit at the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the ground
  • Breath in through your mouth, keeping contact between the mouthpiece and the bottom lip. when starting a piece/exercise count in a full bar and breath for two beats

Band Class Skills Test:

  • To make sure you have the piece in your ear, play the piece (or just the bar or phrase you intend to work on) on the piano first. Use the band page as the piano part.
  • Don’t just power through the whole piece; practice smaller pieces. for example, you can play the first two bars 3 times with a bar of rest between each repetition
  • think in subdivisions of eighth notes (1 + 2+ 3+ etc), and write them into your part in places where you could use the reminder

Recital Preparation:

We are going to start working on Russian Hymn, a duet from the Arban’s Cornet Method. Look at it when you can, make note of the accidentals and other instructions provided by the ink. Try both parts if you can to see which one you would like to play.

Happy Practicing!