Hello Everyone,

If you have not yet confirmed your make up, please do so now, or your teacher may not be available.  Remember, your make-up lessons expire June 30, so you need to call 416-651-7529 now to confirm.  Please call us either way so we know if you are not coming and can make the most of your teacher’s time.  We appreciate that!

Please find the preliminary make-up schedule by clicking here.  Check both pages of the PDF.


  • You must confirm your time by phone: 416-651-7529.
  • If you do not confirm you will lose your make-up(s).
  • Make-ups do not carry past the end of June.
  • Your lesson time may not be the same as normal, may be longer, and you may have additional days/times.  Take care to see you don’t miss this.

If you have any questions, please call the office right away.