Great work this year! You are getting much faster with reading the notes, especially compared to when we first met a few months ago! The flashcards will help you get even faster with that and the learning new pieces will be much easier for you. “Half-Time Show” is sounding really good now – as we know, this piece uses the 5 finger scale starting on F. When you’re at home, you can try playing it with the 5 finger scales starting on G and C just like we did in our lesson. This well help you because later, you will learn pieces in all three of the 5-finger scales (F, C and G) and even more later. Have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to learn more new pieces with you in September!


Nice work this year – I really enjoyed working together. Keep working on “Greatest Show on Earth” – we’re almost done putting the two hands together, but I suspect that won’t take you very long to do on your own. I’m glad to hear you’re taking piano this summer. Keep working through the songs in your book and see how many you can learn before September. We can pick one that hopefully you can play at the next recital. Also with scales, keep practicing G Major (which has one sharp – F-Sharp) and D Major (two sharps – F-Sharp and C-Sharp). See you in September!