Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


– Order the next book (level 1B) ASAP!
– Halloween! & Horse Sense: staccato & legato playing



– Technique: try to use the correct fingerings please! no “mumbling” around the notes

  • metronome at 92: D+, A+, Bb+, Eb+, g & c harmonic/melodic minor
  • b harmonic/melodic – fix fingerings!
  • c harmonic formula
  • chromatic (any key)
  • D+ triad solid & broken: metronome at quarter note = 60

– Rigadoon in A: look out for all the rests and dynamic changes, and clear up “mumbling” notes
– Sonatina in G: get off the 3rd eighth note of every 3 eighth note patterns; clear up bar 49-52 & 65-68 (don’t get them confused with each other); play in down-up motion at places with short slurs
– Reflections: memorize with clarity of dynamic changes and notes, and try to play with lots of emotions and drama, feel the music
– Somersault King: keep all quarter notes short staccatos, play with energy and brightness!
– Masquerade: get off pedal in the end of bar 8, 16 & 28; let the top notes ring