Hello all,

Here are this week’s homework posts:


Note exercise – GABCDEFG. These are all the notes you have learned on the guitar from the high e string, down to the g string. Practice playing these notes up and down to work on moving up and down the strings and to also work on your picking.

Tunes – Yankee Doodle and Surf Rock. These have been marked in your book. Work on playing through each tune. Take your time with these and practice them slowly.


Get up Stand Up – Keep practicing the rhythms written down in your book. Remember to count 1,2,3,4. It will help you playing the rhythms that are strong on beats 2 and 4.

Eleanor Rigby and Paperback Writer – Both of these tunes have two chords in them (C and Em, C and G7). The main exercise here is to practice switching between chords and work on moving as little as possible. For this try to utilize more than just one finger.


Segovia Scale – Fmajor. Take your time with this scale and practice it slowly with a metronome. Focus on fingerings in the left hand. Once that feels good, focus on your right hand technique.

Rhythms – Continue to work on the rhythm patterns for Brazillian style chord accompaniment. Remember to take it slowly and keep 1 and 3 together.

Chords of F major – Practice playing all the shell voicings of F major up the strings. Focus on hearing how the harmonies move and what sound like resolution points (home base).


Have a great week everyone!