Owen – practice substitute chord changes. Parents, try having the music of Sonny Boy Williamson, Lester Young and Robert Johnson on around the house and see to it that Owen practices 15min. A day.

Samuel – practice ” go down Moses” but continue to practice “Tom Sawyer” too, especially the tricky part! No less than 15 min. a day

Eliot –  continue playing “Eight Days Week” making sure you play ALL the bars correctly. Particularly focus on the “A” chord on. Parents, at least 15 min. a day

Felix –  chords for “Rose Room” and first 8 bars of solo. Make chord transitions smoothly. Parents, please make sure Felix practices 15 min. a day everyday.

paul –  “Dust In The Wind”  finger picking; review blues licks; listen to Ernest Ranglin. Bring your bass next week.