Pablo – Continue practicing the beats from last week…in addition, practice the single stroke roll and the double stroke roll. Single stroke roll: RLRLRLRL Double stroke roll: RRLLRRLL

Gavin – Practice your recital rep: March and Ode to Joy (LH only). Practice with Liam and use a metronome to keep in time.

Yoan – Practice the single and double stroke rolls (see Pablo’s homework above for the correct sticking), and find your proper grip. Remember to look for 3 main things: 1) Fulcrum between index finger and thumb which the stick can roll in; 2) Other three fingers supporting the stick at the pads of the fingers; 3) Minimal tension…the stick must be able to move around in your hand so do not choke it. Check out this video which goes over some of the concepts we talked about in the last lesson re: finding the spot on the stick that gets maximum bounce, secure fulcrum, etc.



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