Hello Cornerstone Students! Here is your homework for this week!


Grade 1:

Great job with Twinkle Twinkle! Keep working hard at your sound and your bowing! We are starting Mary Had a Little Lamb this week.


Grade 2:

Everyone please practice and memorize your G major scale two octaves and G major arpeggio two octaves for your January exam. You will find your scale sheets that you have copied down attached in your Suzuki Books.

Grade 3:

Group A: Please learn the notes for Chorus from Suzuki Book Two.

Group B: Please learn and practice the notes from Lightly Row in Suzuki Book One.

Grade 4-6

This group is practicing the musical with Miss Chanelle Tseng for this week.

Grade 7-12

We have successfully completed our art project! I am very proud of you all and am looking forward to our dinner presentation on December 4th at 5:30pm. Remember Dr Ling is giving you double volunteer hours for this!


Please all Cornerstone students if you do not have a shoulder rest you need to purchase one very soon!


Thank you all and great job,