Hello everyone!

Keep up the good effort! If you were not able to practice as much as you wanted to, let that go and focus on what you can do this week. Here’s a little riddle for you:

“What has keys but can’t listen to the beauty it unlocks? A piano!”

Student 1: Caedan

Thanks for getting prepared and buying your new book this week. You did a great job of remembering all the animals names for the keys! Plan to set aside the same time every day to play the piano. (if possible)

Recommended minutes to practice:   10 minutes per day

What to practice:   pg. 14-16 in Piano Adventures

How to practice it most effectively: Take your time and use the fingers they are asking you to. Say the fingers out loud.

How parents can support practice: Double check that the correct fingers are being used- the more we use all the fingers the faster they will strengthen. Encourage free piano playing without the book buy creating songs with numbers played hands separately.

Student 2: Oliver

You have so much knowledge of music and strong skills already. I encourage you to set aside the same time every day to practice. (if possible)

Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes per day

What to practice:   pg. 20 and 21

How to practice it most effectively:  Take your time and play the songs with as much feeling as you can- remember your louds and softs! Try using a metronome or drum beat to play with.

How parents can support practice: Double check fingering and timing. In order to keep motivation up for practice- consider a reward system- https://takelessons.com/blog/reward-system-for-kids-z15

or use a piano playing app? Choose a pop song that they love and try to play it on the piano.

Student 3: Linda- Remember how far you have come in just over a year !!

Recommended minutes to practice: 30 minutes per day

What to practice:   Sight-reading exercises

Scales-A minor and D minor harmonic – use metronome bpm- 69 per quarter note- play it with eighth notes.

Start the chromatic scale- ttps://lessonsinyourhome.net/blog/how-to-play-chromatic-scales-on-the-piano/

Etude in C major- Good start! Try hands together- keep it slow.

Starry Night- It’s sounding beautiful- try the pedal, bring out the right  hand, include the dynamics (louds and softs). Practice one phrase at a time. Even start at the end and work your way back to the beginning. Enjoy!