How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: This week Sebastian I want you to work on the first 4 lines of the Stick Control Exercise as well as all of Lesson 1.

How to practice effectively: Really great work today! For the stick control exercise, remember to play it all with a nice full stroke that starts and ends up top and remember to use your wrist to power the stroke more than anything else! For Lesson 1 just count through the reading and take a look over everything else. Shoot to try and play the whole thing for me next week!

Good work learning some new stuff today!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you to work on Another One Bites the Dust. (transcription will be uploaded shortly)

How to practice effectively: This beat isn’t crazy but its going to be really important to stay consistent, use your ears, know the song, and play along to it! I’m going to post the transcription soon but the whole song is that same beat that we worked on today, its also the first beat you learn in Lesson 1 in our book. The goal for this song is for you to be able to play an easier beat with a consistent groove.

Great job today!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to work on the beats and snare drum reading for Lesson 12 as well as on the transcription for Ride by Twenty-One Pilots. I’ll upload the transcription shotly.

How to practice effectively: For Lesson 12 in the reading, remember that the dot after a note adds half of the note. So a dotted half note would be 3 beats because a quarter note is half of a half note. And a dotted quarter note would be 1.5 beats because an eighth note is half of a quarter note. It can be tricky but if you count and look at the examples its not too crazy. For Ride, work on trying to get the main beat down!

Pleasure playing with you as always Jonah, remember to keep up the good work on the Lessons!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: Next week Samson I want to hear you play  from the beginning to the second chorus in Todd Rundgren’s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference. Here is the UPDATED TRANSCRIPTION.

How to practice effectively: Good work with this Samson, just keep shooting for CONSISTENCY. That is key, even if you have to play the whole thing slow, you have to know how it feels to play the whole thing at a consistent tempo. One way to even it out and get things up to tempo faster is by finding the spots where you slow down, and then work on them until you can play them faster, then you can try the whole thing at a faster tempo.

You’ve got this Samson, keep going!