Hello Everybody,

Nice to meet you. Welcome back! I look forward to working with you on your musical endeavors.

Student 1: Oliver

Recommended minutes to practice:  Best to do 5-7 minutes on reviewing some of the concepts he previously learned in the book, and 12-15 on Songs.

What to practice:  Young Hunter and Skipping in Space

How to practice it most effectively: Look over the song before you start and decide where to place each hand. Add any musicality they indicate such as slurs or staccato.

How parents can support practice:  Encourage them to start with the hard parts first, and to be able to play it slowly. Ask your kids to tell you the note names and which way the pitch is moving. (higher or lower)

Student 2: Linda

Recommended minutes to practice: 30 minutes per day- 10 minutes on technique such as scales, and hanon #5, 20 minutes on pieces

What to practice: hanon #5, menuet – Krieger (listen to how it is played on you tube for the amount of detachment

How to practice it most effectively: isolate the hardest bars (hands separate and then together) to make them smooth, put it all together. 





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