Hello Virginia’s students!

This is one of my most bittersweet kinds of notes that I must write as a director, the one that says an existing and well-loved teacher has become so active professionally that it is time for them to move on.  Sadly, that is the case now for Virginia, and we are (administratively) very saddened by this.

The good news is that we have done our usual due diligence and secured a new teacher to join us beginning January 18th; Ted Crosby.

Normally I would be able to direct you to his online profile on our website so you could get to know him, but the latest provincial changes have foist a lot of work on us unexpectedly and we are in a bit of a scramble to bring all of our programs and families in- and on-line quickly, once again. I hope to get this profile up and available to you by this time next week, and will keep you informed.

As always, the outgoing teacher will give the incoming teacher detailed notes on you, your history, and your progress, so you can proceed and integrate with the new teacher in the smoothest way.

For now, you will be able to prepare and say goodbye to Virginia next week.  If you have any questions, please call us directly in the office.  416-651-7529.